Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UMNO 2010; The People's Champion

It's just a couple of days till the arrival of 2010. UMNO has been in re-group mode ever since the ascension of Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak as the 7th President of UMNO and the 6th Prime Minister of the country.

It's a difficult process but the UMNO Rank & File are putting all their hopes on the Scion of our former Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, to lead UMNO from the wilderness that was the new political landscape after the 12th GE. Even Tun Dr Mahathir certainly prefers the new Captain at the helm of the ship although he reserves his right to his own opinion on specific issues.

BN & UMNO, without a doubt are slowly limbering up for the tough fight ahead, slowly & surely finding rhythm and purpose. Pakatan are strong but their confidence & cockyness have been shaken up a bit by internal strife within & among themselves. The path to Putrajaya is now slightly hazy. We will not however make the mistake of possesing arrogance that Pakatan leaders have displayed time & time again. UMNO needs to fight tooth & nail for every seat it will contest. There are no free meals this time. BN must go for the jugular and win everywhere.

"Juara Rakyat" is the new Rallying cry for BN under Dato Sri Najib. BN & UMNO must retake the mantle of the preferred party of moderation, the centrist Party of the People. Each member from top to bottom will need to re-set each wing, each branch, each division's activities to focus more on being the People's Champion, in every issue, every facet of the community.

The People's aspirations must be our own, the People's hopes & dreams must be our own. UMNO started as a party of teachers, farmers, fishermen & the common people. Their sons & daughters have gone on to Universities, started businesses and became Civil Servants but we must never forget where we came from. No matter what the spin doctors of Pakatan may claim, I have met many people who want to see BN & UMNO regain their position as the party of the Community, or "Pilihan Masyarakat Umum". We do have within our ranks Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons, Lawyers, Bloggers, Students, Ustazs & Ustazahs, the Young & the Youths. We just need to sharpen our focus more and seize the initiative.

It'll be 2010 soon. We'll have 2 years tops before the PM calls for an Election. We must be ready and we must be ready now. UMNO needs to drive the effort to win, even to undertake campaigning in areas under the responsibility of our component parties in the BN. Corruption & issues of transperency must be dealt head on. Technology in Political Campaigning must be our strong point not our strongest fear. Articulation on key issues must not be left solely to the Top Leadership of UMNO. We must engage everyone, the Youth, the Media, the Bloggers and every community from the Urban to the Kampung to all ethnic groups. 1 Malaysia means exactly that. BN & UMNO must become Juara Rakyat.

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